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Sweeping Services

BDM Sweeper Service provides professional power sweeping and parking lot maintenance for municipal facilities, shopping centers, office complexes and industrial parks. Whether daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand, BDM Sweeper Service can provide power sweeping services designed to meet your needs and your budget.


New England weather regularly confuses even highly skilled meteorologists. That's why BDM is ready to react to remove six inches of "partly cloudy" from your parking lot in a hurry, and lay down sand and/or de-icers for the safety of your customers.


BDM Sweeper Service's professionally trained staff gives priority treatment to municipal facilities. They provide timely power sweeping and maintenance services, executed professionally and courteously. BDM can tailor daily, weekly, or monthly parking lot maintenance options to fit the objectives of your community and within your budget.

BDM can do it all, or assist your power sweeping program by working with your crews anytime the extra assistance is needed.


BDM Sweeper Service uses professionally maintained power sweepers to ensure your blacktop area is kept clean. Sand, broken glass, cigarette butts and other debris – things that can stain your reputation – will no longer be problems.

BDM pays attention to the entire parking lot – all aspects of your exterior property. The job is not done until sidewalks, islands, entrances and perimeters are swept clean and are safe and welcoming for your customers and visitors.


To enhance the look and safety of your parking areas, BDM Sweeper Service provides parking lot line striping.


Our passion is keeping it clean. We want you to look good, because it makes us look good, too.