Here is the solution to one of the Public Works Director's nagging complex problems. That of installing and maintaining safe, visible, durable, repairable, cost-effective crosswalks.

The crosswalk solution comes from Arlington Paving. It's called DuraTherm™. Following an extensive testing program in both laboratory and actual crosswalk applications, StreetPrint DuraTherm™ was released as a solution for the market's demand for a decorative product suitable for high traffic applications.

This ground breaking technology uses StreetPrint's unique reheating process to inlay decorative thermoplastic patterns into the crosswalk. The result is a decorative crosswalk that is:

HIGHLY DECORATIVE – inlaid thermoplastic with dramatic patterns and colors

NO MAINTENANCE BURDEN – lasts at least 3 times longer than normal thermoplastic

MINIMAL TRAFFIC DISRUPTION – installed and open to traffic in only 90 minutes per lane

SAFE – 100% ADA compliant and vibration free

SNOWPLOW FRIENDLY – no seams; no plow trip points

The process starts by impressing a pattern template into the heated asphalt substrate. Preformed thermoplastic patterns of the desired color and that match the impressed pattern are then positioned into the impressed asphalt substrate. StreetPrint's unique SR60 Asphalt Reheater is then used to heat the thermoplastic, melting it and bonding it to the asphalt substrate.

Heating Asphalt
Asphalt is heated and a pattern is impressed.

Inlay DuraTherm
Preformed thermoplastic sheets that match the pattern are positioned and then heated to form a molecular bond with the asphalt

Heating Asphalt
Each section installs quickly, allowing traffic lanes to be reopened with minimal disruption

Below is the finished installation in Rochester, NH

Rochester crosswalk

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