Keene State College It looks like hand-placed brick or concrete pavers.

But it does not crack like brick and concrete pavers.

Grass and weeds do not grow like brick and concrete pavers.

It does not heave and present tripping hazards like brick and concrete pavers.

It is resists salt and other ice control chemicals unlike brick and concrete pavers.

Why? Because it is StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™, the beautiful, durable and low-cost alternative to brick or concrete pavers.

And StreetPrintStreetPrint Logo asphalt texturing is available in hundreds of beautiful texture and color patterns to give your paving project a truly beautiful, custom finish.

Can you tell the difference between StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ and individually hand-laid brick or concrete pavers? Not at first glance. But you certainly will over time. Choose from a wide selection of pavers. Click here to see some standard patterns and colors. Contact Arlington Paving to see more!

StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ is optimized for use in pedestrian and moderate traffic applications.

StreetPrint Pavement Texturing's™ breakthrough technology and application process produce realistic brick, slate and stone effects using asphalt as its base. StreetPrint™ Pavement Texturing's surfacing systems fortify the asphalt and extend its life. The resulting structural properties and resilience of StreetPrint™ Pavement Texturing applications are consistent with asphalt found on public roadways.

All StreetPrint™ products are safe for pedestrians, because of their seamless installation. The continuous asphalt surface means there is little or no chance of it buckling due to weather or shifting due to traffic or mechanical cleaning. StreetPrint's™ broad market appeal is due to the products' competitive cost, durability, the speed - or short time - required for installation, and long-term ease of maintenance.


Flexible Pavement

    StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ is a flexible pavement which makes it resistant to cracking and eliminates the need for expansion joints compared with imprinted Portland Cement concrete.

Continuous Surface

    StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ is a continuous, waterproof surface which resists weed growth and inhibits the migration of water to the base thereby reducing the possibility of base failures due to erosion or freeze-thaw cycles. StreetBond™ also reduces the effects of weathering from water, freeze-thaw cycles and sun (ultra violet exposure).

Easy Maintenance

    StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ is easily repairable and has low maintenance costs.

Salt Resistance

    StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ does not react to salt used for deicing or from salt air in coastal climates. Portland Cement concrete products including cement bricks can spall and degrade through the reaction of the cement with salt.

Quick Installation

    StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ can be installed very quickly (as much as 10 times faster than cement bricks) resulting in much less disruption to traffic.

Elaborate Decorative Patterns

    StreetPrint makes it practical to create embossed artwork in the surface. This can be done quickly and easily and creates a whole new opportunity for decorative pavement designers. The photo below demonstrates how both brick and non-brick StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™ can be used.
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